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Coface's new credit insurance product for mid to large businesses.

At Coface, we value the role of the broker channel in the business community and Coface Credit Insurance will help your clients evaluate and mitigate risks so that they can make the right decisions at the right time. To do so, we provide assessments of countries, sectors, the business environment, and credit risk.



There is no need for brokers to be specialists in credit management; we have a dedicated broker support team who will help brokers secure their clients business and help run the policy afterwards.

Broker Support

Broker Support

We want to ensure that our insurance clients receive the highest possible level of service, and we recognise the important role that brokers play in ensuring that this level of service is provided. We have regular communication, training, and development programmes in place so as to encourage and support our brokers.

Managing your clients policies

Managing your clients policies

If you have Coface credit insurance clients, some documentation is needed to enable the effective running of the policy. These forms, together with the documentation needed to refer new business to us, are available in our download centre.


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If you have any queries or experience difficulties in completing or submitting a form, then please contact us on
+44 (0)1923 478111.
You can also manage your clients' policies online with CofaNet.