Trade Talk Podcast: Deciphering the challenges for your business

Trade Talk is the podcast designed to help you grow your business with confidence. Over the series, we’ll examine different aspects of the economic recovery and the related challenges. Through a judicious mix of expert analysis, views from business leaders, and their testimonials, we’ll give you the keys to unlock the recovery, anticipate risks, and make the right strategic choices.

Energy sector: between crisis and opportunity: what prospects for the future?

The recent energy crisis was a harsh reminder of our economies’ dependence on energy resources, which are a key economic growth driver. 

As fossil fuels become less available, and with the need to transition to lower-carbon alternatives, isn’t tomorrow’s energy likely to be costlier and subject to greater uncertainty about availability? 

What is the outlook? And how can companies adapt? 

In this episode, to answer these questions are Jean-Christophe Caffet, Coface Chief Economist, and Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director of the Center for Energy & Climate at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI).

Energy sector - Podcast Trade Talk

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China: An economic reopening carrying risks and opportunities for businesses

China is in the midst of a number of political, social and economic changes as a result of the health crisis. 
Although it remains a land of business opportunities, some balances appear to be unstable: a trade war with the US, increased tensions with Taiwan, a rapprochement with Russia and complex relations with other Western powers.

  • Is the world's second largest economy still as indispensable as before?

Bernard Aw, Chief Economist for Asia-Pacific, and Raphaël Rousselot, Chief Underwriting Officer for Asia-Pacific, reveal the risks and opportunities for businesses in this country. 

China : A reopening with Risks and opportunities

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Middle East: the dynamism and business opportunities of the Gulf States

Rare oasis of growth in a global economy on the brink of recession, the countries of the Gulf have leveraged hydrocarbon wealth to drive their economies forwards.

  • While they are known for their seemingly limitless wealth, how are these countries preparing for the post-oil transition? 
  • How are their relations with each other and their neighbors? 
  • What benefits does the region offer to businesses and entrepreneurs? What is the received wisdom and what are specific business features that companies need to be aware of?

We analyse these opportunities and risks with two Coface experts: Seltem Iyigün, economist for Middle East and Turkey, and Hassen Bennour, CEO for the Middle East and Southern Africa. 

Middle East Podcast - Trade Talk

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