SME trade credit insurance: protection against bad debt for small businesses

Protect your small business from customer insolvency and payment default with SME credit insurance

Protect your accounts receivables with trade credit insurance for small businesses

4 out of 10 very small businesses report that their company has been put at risk due to customer non-payment. Late payments and unpaid debts can have severe consequences, impacting on cash flow, productivity or growth prospects. Protect the accounts receivables of your small business with credit insurance so you can secure your business-to-business invoices domestically and overseas.

  • Cover your invoices

    Check what Coface thinks about your clients' creditworthiness and cover your sales. Coface’s opinions are based on our worldwide network of risk experts and their local knowledge about your prospects or customers. They analyse the relevant financial data on companies, sectors and country risks on an ongoing basis so we can alert you to potential risks.

  • Indemnify your losses

    Protect your cash flow and preserve your margin with our credit insurance solution for small businesses. Does the collection process take too long or fails to bring results? No problem! Coface compensates you for the loss suffered by up to 90%.

  • Collect your receivables

    Save time and focus on growing your business: we manage the collection of your receivables domestically and globally for you. Optimise your collection rates and maintain your trade relations backed up by our team of experts!

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Grow your business in complete confidence

Manage your commercial development worry-free: take advantage of our credit opinions and real-time monitoring of your clients’ and prospects’ solvency. 

Our credit-insurance solution for small businesses helps give you an even greater competitive edge since it fine-tunes the credit conditions granted to your customers.

Are you looking for new markets? Coface protects your turnover while you explore business opportunities domestically or abroad.

Become a good customer for your bank

Guarantee your invoices with our solution and boost your trustworthiness with your financial partners.

Think about it: opting for a credit insurance policy improves your terms for borrowing and helps you access overdraft facilities.

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Protect your most crucial asset

With Coface’s SME trade credit insurance for small businesses, you can avoid late payments and unpaid debts. Safeguard your accounts receivables. Focus on growing your business.

  • 25% of small business failures are the result of unpaid debts

    Two out of three companies pay their subcontractors or suppliers late. This is the root cause of nearly a quarter of all bankruptcies of very small businesses.

  • 80% of small businesses are faced with unpaid debts

    Small businesses are confronted with bad debtors on a regular basis and have to work extremely hard to ensure their debts are settled.

  • 40% of the assets of small businesses are customer loans

    Late payments and unpaid invoices represent almost 40% of small business assets. Accounts receivables are a significant burden, which strengthens the case for managing your credit risk properly.

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