Assess any company in one click with URBA360

Access key indicators to evaluate a business with URBA360, your global business risk analysis tool.

A screen showing URBA360, the Coface tool a handy business-risk analysis tool, giving access key indicators to evaluate businesses quickly. The screen shows risk assessment diagrams.

Instant assessment with URBA360

URBA360 is the ultimate platform for confident trade decisions. Access Coface’s unique data and expert insights on millions of companies in 195+ countries.

  • Assess and monitor customers, suppliers, and trading partners with ease
  • Make informed choices, mitigate risks, and drive business growth - trust URBA360 for confident trade decisions

Access to 5 key indicators to help you make strategic decisions

We combine accurate and detailed information with the opinion of our credit risk experts so you can assess and monitor your customers, suppliers and business partners in a single glance with URBA360.

  • Country Risk Assessment

    Quantifying the relative strength of fundamentals of a country and its vulnerability to shocks, materialised by non-payment by companies. Expressed on a scale from A1 to E.

  • Sector Risk Assessment

    Analysis of global trends in the sector on a risk scale 4-level risk scale (low, medium, high, very high).

  • Score

    From 0 to 10, the score is the probability, over a 12-month period, that a company will be able to meet its financial commitments

  • Credit opinion

    Maximum amount of individual exposure recommended by Coface underwriting experts.

  • Financial ratios

    Turnover, shareholders' equity, fixed assets, liabilities, and financial results.

A 360° view of the different risks influencing business decisions

Anticipate the risk of default with our all-in-one solution:

  • Get advice on how much credit to manage with your business partners
  • Understand key financials driving the assessments
  • Get the risk context of the country and sector of the company you are assessing
  • Manage the risks of your worldwide portfolio of trade partners

Unlike a traditional information provider, our data is unique

Our expertise is unique because it is based on over 75 years' experience in credit insurance:

  • 10,000 credit decisions per day
  • a global, consistent scoring methodology
  • more than 660 billion of outstandings covered based on this data

Our Credit Insurer Insights are made available to our customers so they can make the best decisions for their business:

  • late payments
  • declarations of non-payment
  • loss of credit
  • quarterly assessment of sectors and countries by local economists

Stay one step ahead: Be informed of any changes in real time

Coface’s monitoring solution is your real-time business guardian.

Each time Coface detects a change in a monitored company of your portfolio, you are notified immediately: 

  • via email
  • in your customer application iCON by Coface
  • directly into your ERP or CRM systems via our iCON by Coface APIs

> Track critical data, anticipate risks, and seize opportunities – all in real-time

> Safeguard your business success with Coface monitoring today


Unique Business Information available online


URBA360 is an intuitive and interactive web application that provides access to Coface's exclusive data for assessing commercial risk worldwide.


Accessible via the iCON by Coface platform, URBA360 enables users to explore indicators such as the Coface Score, @Credit Opinion and country or sector risk assessments.

iCON by Coface

Welcome to the future of informed decision-making! Explore the power of iCON by Coface. 


• Our cutting-edge platform transforms data into actionable insights, offering real-time information, credit scores, economic analyses, and more


• Elevate your business strategy, manage risks effectively, and stay ahead of the competition


• Discover a world of possibilities with 'iCON by Coface' – where information becomes your competitive advantage

Coface API portal

We provide web data exchange solutions (API) tailored to your company’s needs so you can manage your Coface credit insurance contract within your own tools.


Whether you opt for a simple technical solution or all-inclusive integration, you can connect your company directly to the information provided by Coface allowing you to focus on key risks securely and reliably.


Explore Coface's API catalogue: integrated solutions for Trade Credit Insurance and business information.

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