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A Worldwide Leader

Coface - global expertise serving businesses worldwide

Coface has been a worldwide leader in the credit insurance market for more than 70 years. Our ambition is to facilitate business-to-business trade by working with customers to develop their domestic and export operations, fully assessing the financial risks they take, and protecting their trade receivables against non-payment.
Coface is listed on the French stock exchange (Euronext, Paris). The company has a solid financial base and excellent solvency levels. Fitch and Moody's ratings for Coface are AA- and A2, respectively, with a stable outlook in both cases.



Integrity is the foundation on which Coface’s reputation and the development of lasting relationships with our customers are based.


Our 'code of conduct' sets out the principles we should apply on a daily basis in order to respect our values: client focus, expertise, collaboration, courage, and accountability. It sets out our commitments and serves as a reference for our employees.


Coface has adopted a zero-tolerance policy on corruption in all its forms. Our commitments are gathered in our "anti-bribery code".