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U.S.Economy: an infrastructure package to support the recovery [#ExpressEco]


In the past 18 months, the US congress authorised more than 25% of GDP in spending to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

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One unpaid bill... one company insolvency can trigger a chain reaction


For every business that collapses, an average of ten more suppliers will feel the financial shock of a bad debt on their cashflow which leaves them unable to pay creditors and staff. In this way, the failure of one business can start a chain reaction.

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Coface report looks at China and Australia’s trade relationship


The China-Australia bilateral relationship deteriorated sharply over 2020, with China imposing trade restrictions on a number of Australian exports. But there are growing concerns that an escalation of bilateral tensions will see China hardening its stance towards Australia.

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United States: Stimulus plan paves the way for record trade deficit


As the world's largest importer, and second largest exporter of manufactured goods, the United States has had a trade deficit since the early 1970s. Using an analysis based on historical estimates of a potential trade balance, Coface estimates that the deficit could grow by 56 billion dollars as a result of the stimulus plan.

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Attend our 25th Country Risk Conference 8-10 february


This year at our Country Risk Conference: 3 round tables to embrace the new business risks in a post-covid world.

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