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What are the essential insurances for any business (according to Forbes) ?

Forbes article credit insurance

The role of the business leader is to anticipate. When a crisis occurs, it can have irreparable financial consequences. Forbes magazine lists the essential insurance policies to prevent these consequences, which can be dramatic, and credit insurance is obviously one of them. Credit insurance is a guarantee that protects companies against the risk of non-payment by allowing them to be covered and compensated in the event of non-payment.


How does credit insurance work?

When you take out a credit insurance policy with Coface, we take care of monitoring the risks associated with each of your buyers and paying out the indemnities in the event of default, allowing you to focus on the development of your business activity with complete peace of mind.




What are the advantages of credit insurance?


Thanks to credit insurance, you can manage your commercial risks with complete and up-to-date data.


Protect your trade receivables and secure your cash flow by collecting your unpaid invoices.


Maintain your financing capacity and the confidence of your banking partners.


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What are the different credit insurance contracts at Coface?

Our offer is modulated according to the size of the company: EasyLiner, for small businesses; TradeLiner, the credit insurance for mid-sized companies; Globaliner, credit insurance for multinationals, etc. They can be adapted to specific needs: TopLiner, Globalliance Project Cover, deconsolidating financing assistance (securitization), guarantees, and Single Risk Unistrat.


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