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Recover late payments anywhere in the world.
Global business can maximise advantages like new markets, opportunities, and greater growth potential. But international developments also mean more risk. Especially if you are trying to recover money from debtors in different countries with different cultures, laws, and currencies. Around 25% of invoices in Europe are paid late or not at all. 70% of companies in Asia Pacific reported late payments. These late or defaulted debts pose a significant threat to international businesses, especially if you don’t have a physical presence in the country where the debt is present.
Our debt recovery solutions support financial planning and recover late payments. It frees up internal resources for your core business activities as well as creating value through the optimisation of cash flow and profitability. 
International network 
International debt collection is an essential part of risk management for your business. This activity requires a high degree of legal knowledge and a worldwide network of employees. Coface owns both, either in-house or through the Coface partnership. You can call on our international collection services for both insured and uninsured invoices.
We can offer you different local services per country. For example, we arrange the collection procedures for you, and you can count on additional local expertise per country, such as legal advice, legal services, and bailiffs. Coface will provide you with a point of contact for communication regarding your foreign collection process. Your contact person will arrange communication between you and colleagues in the country concerned. Coface is located in more than 100 countries. As a result, we have built up a large network of international colleagues. They have knowledge of the trading culture and the best collection techniques in their country. They also speak the same language as the debtor. This allows us to collect for you quickly and efficiently in foreign collection processes.
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Why use Coface International Debt Collection?

As a recognised and respected international debt collection agency, our expert service significantly improves the chances of recovering your money and helps support financial planning.
We can offer regular reporting to your company with real-time figures on millions of companies. Our in-depth knowledge ensures you can focus on business development while we focus on financial risk and debt monitoring and recovery.
Using a global international debt collection company gives you access to information on:
  • 80 million global businesses are monitored by us in real time
  • 200 territories checked daily
  • Analysts across 100 countries worldwide
  • Over 4,000 experts globally
  • Data adjusted by country, sector, and current economy
Because we’re such a large company with economies of scale, we can offer competitive rates that generally work out cheaper than the costs of in-house debt recovery.
Our expansive network, experience, and reach give you access to unique tools that help your business thrive. Coface International Debt Collection gives you access to:
  • A fully integrated Global IT Platform allows for monitoring of debts with real-time updates
  • Action on debt recovery within 24 hours
  • Full management of debt recovery from initial contact to all follow-ups and collections.
  • Tailored service that works for you and is designed for your company, size, and sector
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