Why a multinational company (absolutely!) needs trade credit insurance nowadays?

Trade has become riskier: more global, but more fragmented. With new levels of uncertainties. In this persistently uncertain environment, multinationals need more than ever to protect themselves against the non-payment and insolvency of their trading partners.

In this volatile environment, where crises follow one another and the risk of insolvencies increases, new risks are emerging for multinationals.

Through a dedicated organisation and a tailor-made risk management programme, GlobaLiner supports multinational companies in protecting their balance sheet and that of their subsidiaries from economic shocks, non-payment or the insolvency of a business partner.

  • Why is credit insurance a necessity for developing your multinational company's activities?
  • What are the advantages of Coface's solutions dedicated to multinationals?

Karine Damman, Group Coface Global Solutions Director, explains how the GlobaLiner trade credit insurance solutions support the commercial development of multinationals.

How does Credit insurance protect your multinational? -click to watch-

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