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Country risk

Economic Recovery of USA and the Eurozone in Focus at Coface's Country Risk Conference

Frédéric Bourgeois, Managing Director of Coface in the UK, said: “As a worldwide leader in credit insurance, Coface monitors and publishes its assessment of trading risks in 157 countries to help our clients plan their business strategy and reduce the risk of bad debt. Our annual country risk conference in Paris is an extension of this important work and attracts high-calibre speakers from around the world to examine the major trends in the global economy, and assess their potential impact on businesses.


As the politicians on both sides of the Atlantic struggle to agree a coordinated response to the debt crises affecting their countries, it is certainly an opportune moment to consider the long-term economic future of the United States and the Eurozone and the implications for businesses worldwide. Coface experts will go beyond this to consider the global trading opportunities increasingly presented by emerging markets, despite the recent slowdown in the BRIC economies, and will assess the prospects and threats for companies operating within both emerging and developed markets as part of Coface’s unique overview of country risk.”


Highlights of the Conference will include:

  • United States: a declining power: Keynote opening speech about the political impasse and economic slowdown in the US is by Nouriel Roubini, Chairman of Roubini Global Economics and Professor of Economics at New York University's Stern School of Business.
  • Eurozone: How can it grow? How can it last? Presentations and a panel discussion about the challenges facing France, Italy and Spain and whether a new model of federalism is needed.
  • Globalisation under stress: Presentations and a panel discussion addressing the increase in protectionism and the threat this poses to free trade.
  • Coface risk overview: Coface’s Chief Economist, Yves Zlotowski, presents Coface’s assessment of the risk of trading in developed and emerging countries.
  • The emerging middle class: Presentations and a panel discussion about whether the emerging middle class in India, Brazil and Russia represent the best hope for economic success.