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Coface: A world of trade

Coface: A world of trade

Expertise & agility:

We believe that trade is the driving force behind value creation and stability on a worldwide scale, but it is a risky and complex world out there.

That is why it is our job to help you make the right decisions, so you can get on with growing your business without any disruptions.


Because each market is unique, there are two essential dimensions to how we operate: expertise and agility. Our employees are ready, willing and able to assist in more than 100 countries where Coface can support you.


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Agility is a key factor in our client relationships

and our three-year strategic plan, Fit to Win which concludes in 2019, enabled us transform ourselves extensively into the most agile credit insurance partner in the sector. Since we believe that trade creates wealth and stability, we help companies to grow and in turn help to improve our world. Our purpose stems from our founding values: customer focus, expertise, collaboration, courage and accountability. Having the courage of our convictions is what helps us take 10,000 risk underwriting decisions a day in a constantly changing environment. 



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