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Sector risk assessment infographics Q3-2023

Sector risk assessment infographics Q1-2024

Coface's assessments of 13 major global sectors are based on more than 75 years of expertise and on the financial data published by listed companies from 6 geographical sectors.

Our methodology is based on 8 criteria integrated in three main pillars:

  • Coface’s expertise and payment experience data,
  • External financial data forecasts (quantiles),
  • Multifactorial key items (commodities price forecasts, structural changes, Coface country risk assessment).

In a context that we explain in our barometer, Coface has made 22 changes to sector ratings: 17 reclassifications and 5 downgrades.

Find out which sectors in which regions are affected in our sector risk infographic. Download it below and go deeper with our full Sectors risk analyses.

Download this publication : Sector risk assessment infographics Q3-2023 (12.32 MB)



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