Our offer

Political Risk Cover

Cover your contracts and investments abroad


  • Sell capital goods, commodities or services
  • Buy or import products
  • Invest abroad
  • A financial institution which extends finance, arranges discounting or confirms letters of credit.

Coface's Political Risk arm focuses on political and commercial risk cover.  Our offer revolves around four innovative contracts:

  • Political Risk guarantee
  • Import guarantee
  • Financing guarantee
  • Investment guarantee

Political Risk Guarantee

Risk Covered
  • Contract Interruption
  • Non-payment/ Non-transfer
  • Unfair calling of bonds
Operations Covered

All sales of capital goods and consumer goods, including but not limited to, to the following sectors: Energy, Transport Infrastructure, Telecommunications and Space industries, Water treatment, Construction and Public works, Services, Commodities.


Whether your customers are private companies or public entities, abroad or in the UK, your contracts are covered.

Financing Guarantee

  • Non-payment, non-transfer
  • Asset impairment
  • Lender's form: inconvertibility and non-transfer, failure to repay a loan following:
  • A political decision, confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, deprivation
  • Or a political event, war, rioting or act of terrorism.
  • Loans
  • Confirmation of letters of credit
  • Discounting without recourse
  • Pre-financing
  • Project financing etc

Import & Investment Guarantees

IMPORT GUARANTEE:  Covers non delivery of products or termination of supply contracts without any financial compensation. The policy protects your contracts with British or foreign suppliers, private or public.
INVESTMENT GUARANTEE:  If you invest abroad your assets are exposed to particular risks, including confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation, deprivation, operating losses and forced abandonment.  The risk of material damage caused by a strike, riot, civil uprising, act of terrorism or even a war in the country is covered by this policy.