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Supporting Export Trade

For companies operating or expanding into overseas markets

  • Credit Insurance
  • Business Information Reports
  • Overseas Debt Collection

Coface has been supporting the development of international trade for over 70 years and offers Export Trade Credit Insurance in over 200 countries.


This international network, combined with business information on over 80 million companies, means that you can be confident that wherever in the world you are trading, we will know the opportunities and challenges you face.

Export Trade Credit Insurance

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A business grows by reaching out to new customers and finding new markets. Credit Insurance gives companies the freedom to expand into new markets, safe in the knowledge that their accounts are protected. Credit Insurance makes it possible to increase sales without putting livelihoods on the line.

International Business Information


Coface have a worldwide network of 50 centers dedicated to managing financial data on 80 million businesses.

Evaluating the trade behaviour of 80 million companies throughout the world


With Coface as a partner, you can extend credit to your overseas customers confidently by gaining access to Coface's powerful and dynamic business database, which provides valuable credit ratings and business information on 80 million companies worldwide.


By having access to the database, you can get a quick credit rating, an actual credit value, or a complete business information report. By monitoring the financial health of new and existing customers, you can focus your efforts on financially healthy businesses and receive early warning signs for potential payment defaults.

Overseas Debt Collection

"Only three out of four invoices are actually settled within the payment term"

Our policy is to ensure that these debts are pursued by collectors who understand the local cultural and market conditions and are fluent in your customer's language. We manage actions in a firm but courteous way, maintaining the relationship you have with your customers.


Our web-based debt collection system provides 24/7 access to manage your debts online, and as a large and global debt collector, we offer competitive pricing.