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CofaNet enables each client to view their customer portfolio, apply for credit limits on new customers and submit overdue and claim information.





Coface credit insurance clients have access to CofaNet  - a  sophisticated, highly secure web-based policy management tool which gives clients the freedom and flexibility to manage customer and supplier portfolios, both domestically and overseas.



CofaNet enables each client to view their customer portfolio, apply for credit limits on new customers and submit overdue and claim information.


  •  A client can apply for credit limits on new customers
  •  Make modifications to existing customers' credit limits
  •  Submit overdue and claim information and monitor the progress of claim
  •  Send messages to risk underwriters

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Easy to Manage



With Policy Master you save time in managing your credit insurance policy, maximise your cover and avoids missing deadlines.





Fully interfaced with CofaNet Essentials, Policy Master has been designed to simplify our clients' daily management of their credit insurance cover.


CofaNet Policy Master provides clients' with a real vision of their exposure to customer related risks. The tool uploads all invoices from an accounting system and matches outstanding balances with credit limits and contract conditions. CofaNet  Policy Master brings peace of mind to our clients' policy administration.


  •  Save time with the management of credit insurance policy
  •  Reduces the risk of mismanaging the policy
  •  Maximises cover and avoids missing deadlines
  •  Automatically generates a notification whenever a deadline is approaching
  •  Calculates the turnover declaration




Cash Master brings higher security to your financier than a 'loss payee' which can be seen as fragile assurance.




CofaNet Cash Master facilitates our clients' financing arrangements. Thanks to a secured certificate of cover generated by Cash Master, our clients' financial partners receive accurate information on the quality of their customers and a breakdown of insured invoices.


With CofaNet Cash Master our clients' financing terms and conditions are likely to be more attractive.


  •  Brings higher security to a financier
  •  Generates and sends official certificates of cover to a financier
  •  Potential for more attractive financing terms and conditions
  •  Gives a financier reassurance

Real-Time exchange



CofaServe is ideal to manage high volumes of credit limits and related activity in real-time.




CofaServe is a real-time web data exchange service allowing the management of the policy within a client's own IT system. CofaServe is ideal for managing high volumes of credit limits and related activity in an efficient way.


CofaServe allows you to directly connect your company software with Coface's global system.

  •  Archives a quick turnover on credit limit decisions
  •  Improves the internal level of service to the sales team with real-time answers on straightforward cases
  •  Reduces policy management administration


CofaNet is complemented by CofaMove, a smartphone App which enables you to manage CofaNet whilst on the move.


CofaMove improves responsiveness in risk-taking and monitoring as well as providing real time credit management guidance to sales teams on the road.


  •  Available on the move via an application
  •  Quick real time response
  •  Improves responsiveness in risk taking and monitoring
  •  Helps businesses grow in the right way 
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